Access Increases for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (AIMS) Awards

We are so excited to announce that the Health Resources and Services Administration has pledged $200 million dollars for the Access Increases for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (AIMS) Awards that hopes to help continue the ongoing fight against opiod abuse. Raphael Health Center has been awarded $175,000 to help continue to forward this

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2016 Annual Report

Our 2016 Annual Report has been published. Inside you'll find stories from our patients about what Raphael means to them. You can also learn about some of the new offerings we have available, including the expansion of our dental clinic. You can read the full report at the link below. 2016 Annual Report

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We’ve Broken Ground On Our New Expansion!

We are happy to announce that we broke ground on our new expansion! Thanks to all the hard work and generations donations of all involved Raphael will have some beautiful new enhancements including a community room to better serve our patients and the community at large. We plan to continue to grow with a satellite

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A Letter to the Editor

Health care for at least 450,000 Hoosiers and 25 million Americans is at risk. This warning call comes from community health centers, a vital health care safety net. Over half of community health center patients are covered by Medicaid. Without a robust, innovative Medicaid program, these centers will face severe cutbacks. This would be a

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On Site SNAP Signup Assistance

Get assistance signing up for SNAP at Raphael Health Center! Raphael has partnered with Gleaner's Food Bank to create an in-person SNAP signup program at Raphael Health Center. The program will take place every other Friday starting May 24th. It will run from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

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Our Latest Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is ready! We've out together some great information in this edition of the Healing Times. You can learn about our -Patient Centered Medical Home - which allows Raphael to break down barriers our patients may have to receiving the very best medical care. Also included in this edition - Diabetes Care  - You'll

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We Want to Hear Your Voice!

Raphael Health Center is requesting feedback from key stakeholders and partners. It’s vital that Raphael understand the attitudes, reactions and opinions about health and social issues directly related to the community. Raphael values how community members think and feel about issues affecting their overall health.   Data and statistics (secondary source data) alone can only paint

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Welcome Dr. Suzanne Montgomery

We are excited and proud to announce that Dr. Suzanne Montgomery has joined the team at Raphael Health Center. Suzanne is a board certified family physician with an impressive resume and training but there's so much more to love about having her on our team! Her deep faith has led her to also become a

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Community Outreach!

 As part of our continued commitment to helping our community we sat down with The Indy Channel to discuss how patients can be sure they will have coverage in 2017. While the Marketplace enrollment period is now over you are still encouraged to call Raphael Health Center to speak to one of our Navigators about

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